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Firstly thank you for taking the time out to visit my page, I would like to welcome you to

Samantha's Mini Bites a new and exciting catering company based in Berkshire.

We like to do things different around here!

The way we eat and socialize with one another is changing were just moving with the times.

We believe that the best part of a meal is when everyone comes together to enjoy a table full of food and drinks not forgetting a good natter.

We are all about creating beautiful and delicious finger food platters and grazing table for all occasions with the added floral and foliage to create a show stopping feast for the eyes as well as the tease buds.

We pride our self on our ethos which is to create tasty and affordable food with our customers in mind.


I am sure your now wondering what grazing is by now?

Grazing is munching on small snacks all day long instead or in place of having a large meal.

so "Lets Graze And Platter Together"

To get to know my company a little more why not go to our about page and have a little noise around or better yet contact us though our different platforms.

Subscribe to my newsletter. We are also on social media, join us at @samanthasminibites

Thank you for reading much love Samantha xx

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